Alpha Rho Chi Medal Program

Gold Medal

Honoring outstanding practitioners of architecture and the allied arts.

Silver Medal

Celebrating exemplary members and their contributions to APX.

Bronze Medal

Recognizing graduating architecture students for leadership and service.

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Alpha Rho Chi Awards Program

Dwight "Pop" Ely Award

Chapters give the “Pop” Ely Award to a deserving member (regardless of chapter affiliation), as agreed upon by a majority vote of the chapter. To award the “Pop” Ely Award, the chapter must agree that the recipient meets those fraternal qualifications exemplified by “Pop” Ely:

  • Love for and dedication to the fraternity;
  • diligence in strengthening and broadening the fraternity’s interest locally in the university, nationally with other chapters and with the architecture community as a whole; and
  • unselfishness in giving of time to other members

Notifications are accepted continuously.

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Community Service Award

The National Community Service Award recognizes leadership, encourage community service, and foster the personal and professional growth of our members. It is intended to recognize the organized activity of a chapter or alumni association in performing a service in the public good.

Nominations are due by March 22, 2024.

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So Whitten Award

The George “So” Whitten Scholastic Achievement Award recognizes the active chapter of Alpha Rho Chi which has demonstrated the most outstanding academic and professional accomplishments of each school year. It is to encourage the individual and collective scholastic efforts of our members and support the setting of high academic and professional excellence standards and goals for our chapters.

Nominations are due by March 22, 2024.

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Patron of Architecture

The Patron of Architecture Award recognizes the achievements of those individuals, or groups of individuals, who have demonstrated a positive impact on the:

  • General public’s awareness of the issues of the built environment;
  • Advancement of the art of architecture;
  • Public awareness of architecture and the profession;
  • Civic responsibility to create a better-built environment; and/or
  • Education of the younger members of the profession.


Linda Lilly Award

The Linda Lilly Award recognizes members who have exhibited achievement through activism, outreach, public service, or other initiatives. Recipients of the Linda Lilly Award are proven selfless leaders who have championed diversity and inclusion that help strengthen the bonds within the fraternity, community, and profession. Through their efforts they have helped the fraternity continue to progress as a forward thinking and inclusive organization, both within and outside of the membership. The award is named in honor of Linda Lilly, the first female brother initiated into the Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity as a member of the Iktinos Chapter.

Nominations are accepted continuously.

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Kenneth Kohlen Faculty Advisor Award

The Kenneth Kohlen National Faculty Advisor Award recognizes chapter advisors who best exemplifies the principles embodied by Brother Ken Kohlen:

  • Devotion to the Fraternity and its members;
  • Passionate about furthering the careers and lives of students;
  • Enthusiastic educator, motivational example, caring mentor; and
  • Dedication and commitment to providing valuable advice and encouragement to students.

Nominations are due by March 22, 2024.

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