Convention Business

Delegate Information


Delegate Credentials

Chapters and Alumni Associations must submit credentials designating their delegate. This form will be emailed to each chapter and alumni in February 10, 2024 and is due back no later than March 16, 2024. 



Delegates are expected to attend all business sessions. Failure to arrive on time may result in not being seated and forfeiture of the delegate’s vote.


Appropriate Dress

Business dress is required for all persons attending the business sessions, including the audience. Jeans, sweatshirts, and athletic wear, as well as torn or otherwise revealing articles, are not acceptable. Business dress is not to be confused with business casual. Ties and jackets are encouraged but not strictly required.

When in doubt, err on the side of formality and/or ask a Grand Council officer or appointee for case-specific guidance.


Robert's Rules Resource

Convention business follows Robert's Rules of Order to maintain order. A helpful resource has been put together for your aid in navigating Robert's Rules. 

Click here to access the PDF resource.




The following Convention Officer positions are up for election

  • Convention President
    • TBD
  • Convention Secretary
    • Nathan Lipson

Once elected, the Convention President will then appoint two additional officers: Sergeant-at-Arms and a Parliamentarian.

Note: Each of these Convention officer roles are historically held by collegiate members and young alumni, most of whom go on to serve the Fraternity as national appointees and/or Grand Council officers. 


The following Grand Council positions are up for election.

Once elected, the WGA will then appoint a Grand Advisor to sit on the Grand Council for a corresponding 3 year term. 

The duties and responsibilities of each Grand Council position are described in detail in the Alpha Rho Chi By-Laws.


Submit a Nomination

Advance nominations can be submitted here for Convention President, Convention Secretary, Worthy Grand Architect and Worthy Grand Inspector through Sunday, March 31, 2024. Nominations will additionally be open on the floor of Convention, as outlined in the agenda. 

Questions? Email the Nominations Committee at

New Business

To submit a motion for consideration during New Business in advance of the Convention, please use the Convention Motion Form.

Motions that don’t increase fees and don’t amend the Constitution, By-Laws, or Ritual may be made at any time, including from the floor of Convention.

However, per the Alpha Rho Chi Constitution and By-Laws, members must have at least 45 days to review all motions that increase fees or amend the Constitution, Bylaws, or Ritual. Therefore, the deadline to submit motions to the 76th National Convention that require 45 days notice is Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

Motions will be posted below as they are received. The order in which motions are considered will be determined by the Resolutions Committee on the floor of the Convention.


Motions submitted to amend the Constitution, By-Laws, Ritual and/or fees

76-A M. President, I move to incrementally adjust the Alpha Rho Chi dues and fees schedule over the next four fiscal years (FY25, FY26, FY27, FY28) along the following schedule: (see attachment)

Submitted by: Domitian Alumni Sama Verdina, WGE

Explanation: Dues Motion Attachment


Other motions submitted for consideration during new business

76-B. M. President, I move that the 75th Convention Meeting Minutes be edited to include the following clarification identifying the the language of the Standing Motion 74-01 prior to the final vote: "Standing motion is: “I move to amend all references to “colonization” in the Constitution and By-Laws be replaced with the term “chartering”, and all references  to “colony” be replaced with the word “chartering organization” and “colonist” be replaced with the word “charter” for Article 15(1) of the National By-Laws of the Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity and Articles 2(2)(B) and  7(5) of the National Constitution of the Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity.”

Submitted by: Senenmut Alumni Margaret Scaglione, WGS

Explanation: In review of the final issuance of the 75th Convention Meeting Minutes the Grand Council felt this section was unclear and without edit it would be difficult to understand the result of the final motion in the future.


76-C. Mr. President, I move that the convention ratifies the "Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity Rules and Regulations" document. (attached) 

Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity Rules and Regulations

Submitted by: Senenmut Alumni Margaret Scaglione, WGS

Explanation: The Grand Council compiled all existing operational Rules and Regulations into a singular document per the request in motion 74.05 which passed at the 75th convention. 


76-D. Mr. President, I move that The "Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity Rules and Regulations for Alumni Associations" be ratified. (attached) 

Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity Rules and Regulations for Alumni Associations

Submitted by: Anthemios Alumni Zack Borell, WGAA

Explanation: The WGAA and Alumni Team propose changes to the Alumni Association operational requirements to be considered in Good Standing by the Fraternity. The changes are marked in red text on the attached document. Briefly, the updates include added operational requirements and submitting proof of tax filing with the IRS, a minimum number of active alumni in the Association, a requirement to participate at conventions, clarifications regarding the suspension and appeals process, and other minor clarifications.


76-E M. President, I move that the Office of the Worthy Grand Associate Architect establish, maintain and provide an alumni program for the purposes of mentoring Alumni and other membership classes of Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity in knowledge derived from experience gained through members’ selected career-paths in architecture and the allied arts to wit: 1.) That certain ‘tips, tricks and other means’ discovered and implemented by elder member professionals in their various fields over time and accrued through practical experience to complete their post-graduate formal education be utilized as the basis for a ‘Knowledge Database’ with which to further educate the younger members of their respective professions and others in the Fraternity desirous of learning them. 2.) That this ‘Knowledge Database’ serve as Course Material to be covered by ‘Alumni Mentors’ as identified by the Office of the WGAA or its appointed Program Director of having served, is serving or is willing to serve in such a capacity as to share their ‘tips, tricks and other means’, uploading them prior to their Course(s) for access by the ‘Mentees’ seeking to learn them during and following ‘Mentorship Masterclass Courses’. 3.) That ‘Alumni Mentors’ volunteer to serve for a period of two years during which time they impart any and all of the database they themselves have implemented in addition to those ‘tips, tricks and other means’ that shall become additions to the ‘Knowledge Database’ having been discovered and implemented themselves also serving to complete their post-graduate formal education as ‘Course Material’. 4.) That the Office of the WGAA or its appointed Program Director issue an invitation to the general membership of the Fraternity periodically and as often as the opportunity arises to apply for the next position(s) offered by any and all ‘Alumni Mentors’ (at that time) desirous of learning their ‘Course Material(s)’ as selected from or being added to the ‘Knowledge Database’. Mentor acceptance is based upon Mentee interest, availability, and any other criteria as deemed appropriate by the Mentor preparing to impart their ‘Course Material’. 5.) That each ‘Alumni Mentor’ volunteering to accept a tenure also accepts responsibility for securing a commitment from two other alumni members willing to volunteer in similar capacity at a time mutually determined by the Office of the WGAA or its Program Director and the other alumni member(s). Each Mentee selected also accepts responsibility for securing interest in learning more about program participation from two other general members. Both securements will be completed during the ‘Alumni Mentor’ tenure and Mentee program participation and forwarded to the Office of the WGAA or its Program Director. 6.) That this program’s ‘funding’ be in the form of ‘knowledge’ with Course Material collected, maintained and disbursed in electronic format by the Office of the WGAA or its Program Director as necessary for use and reference by both Mentors and Mentees. No monetary compensation is derived by volunteering to serve as an ‘Alumni Mentor’; no monetary scholarship or grant is derived by participation as a Mentee.

Submitted by: Anthemios Alumni Scott MacKay

Explanation: Establishment of the Alpha Rho Chi National Alumni Professional Mentoring Program

Supporting Documents: Mentorship Program Reference Materials

76-F. Mr. President, I move that the "APX Designation Policy" be ratified. (attached)

Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity Designation Policy

Submitted by: Anthemios Alumni Zack Borell, WGAA

Explanation: As part of the onging plan to better define the Alpha Rho Chi's external identity, the APX membership mark has been filed with the United State Patent and Trademark Office. As such, the USPTO requires a policy on the use of such a membership mark be established and enforced.

76-G M. President, I move that the The Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity National Professional Program is created. The
Office of the Worthy Grand Architect shall keep, maintain and execute professional
program(s) for the purposes of providing professional Continuing Education Course
Credits to the general membership through consideration as one of the qualified ‘technical societies and associations’. Funding for such programs shall be provided by
Course Providers (or others) as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors through sponsorship of the event(s).

Submitted by: Anthemios Alumni Scott MacKay

Explanation: Establishment of the Alpha Rho Chi National Professional Programing

76-H M. President, I move that The Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity National Convention Fund is created. The board shall receive and account for all money derived from donations, gifts, or similar sources derived on behalf of support for the National Convention Business Session and shall remit the money to the Worthy Grand Estimator for credit to the National Convention Fund. All expenses certified by the board as properly and necessarily incurred in the discharge of duties required in planning and executing the National Convention Business Session shall be paid out of the fund. Debt repayments against certified expenses incurred by the board or its agents shall be paid out of the fund. Warrants for the payment of expenses shall be issued and paid by the Worthy Grand Estimator upon
presentation of vouchers regularly drawn by the chairperson and secretary of the board and approved by the board. At no time shall the total amount of warrants exceed the total amount of the monies collected and credited to the fund. Any money in the fund
available for investment shall be invested by the Worthy Grand Estimator at the discretion of the board. Money in the National Convention Fund may be transferred to the General Fund at the discretion of the Delegates to the National Convention when in

Submitted by: Anthemios Alumni Scott MacKay

Explanation: Establishment of The Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity National Convention Fund

Order of Business

As outlined in Article I, Section 02 of the Alpha Rho Chi By-Laws, the following order of procedure and business, unless changed by resolution of the Convention, shall be observed at all Regular and Special Conventions:

  • Examination of the credentials of the delegates
  • Call to order
  • Delegate roll call
  • Election of the Convention Officers
  • Appointment of Committees
  • Report of the Grand Council
  • Report of the Alpha Rho Chi Foundation
  • Report of the Nominating Committee
  • Additional nomination of members to the Grand Council
  • Close of nomination and nominating speeches
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
  • Election of members to the Grand Council
  • Suggestions for the Fraternity’s welfare
  • Report of the Convention Director for meeting places for successive conventions
  • Adjournment

The Convention will conduct this business across multiple business sessions, and may call for a recess as needed. Information specific to this year’s Convention business is outlined below.

Standing Rules of Convention

Each Convention adopts its set of standing rules at the beginning of the business session, to codify administrative details not outlined in the National By-Laws.

Click here to view an example set of Standing Rules.


Convention Primer


Need to learn the basics of convention, or just want a refresher? We will be hosting multiple 1-hour sessions online where we'll review seating requirements, the schedule of business, and Roberts Rules of Order. The primer is highly recommended for convention delegates, candidates for convention office, and anyone who wishes to actively participate in discussion of the motions.

  • Session 1: TBD
  • Session 2: TBD

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Convention Reports and Petition Packages

Received reports and petitions will be linked below as they become available. 


Petition Packages



National Reports

Grand Council Report

APX Foundation Report

Nominations Committee Report

Audit Committee (submitted at the Convention) Report