2024 Leadership Conference

Coming Soon!

Registration will open Summer 2024 Stay tuned for an Announcement from the National Event Director about where we are headed and when your Chapter can register to attend. 


Leadership Conference is a full day of information and workshops to help you succeed in your leadership role. We will discuss leadership strategies, fraternity and chapter operations, fraternity health and safety, working with other brothers and with alumni, whom to call for help, chapter budgeting strategies, and other topics. You will meet leaders from our other chapters, learn from each other, gain new ideas, and build your own network. 

Questions? Contact the Leadership Coordinator at leadership@alpharhochi.org.


The Worthy Architect of each chapter is encouraged to attend, as programming will include operational strategies and other helpful leadership tools.








Typically there is a deposit per attendee, reimbursable at the conclusion of Leadership Conference.

Note: Cancellation or changes to flight arrangement without adequate notice may result in forfeiture of all or part the deposit.






Following registration, collegiate members will be contacted by the Grand Council to coordinate travel arrangements. 

Most attendees will fly and should expect to spend the Friday and Sunday of LC weekend traveling.