Meet the Grand Council

When the fraternity’s National Convention is not in session, the Grand Council governs the national fraternity on its behalf and serves as its board of directors. The six “worthy grand” offices are elected by the Convention. The Grand Advisor is then appointed by the other six members of the Grand Council.

Each officer is an alumni member, volunteering their fraternal and professional experience to the project of operating Alpha Rho Chi. They are supported by a team of national appointees, who help each officer execute programs for the benefit of the membership.

A.J. Kessinger

Worthy Grand Architect (Board President)

National Convention, Contracts, & Insurance

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Zack Borell

Worthy Grand Associate Architect (Board Vice President)

National Alumni Programs

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Sama Verdina

Worthy Grand Estimator (Board Treasurer)

National Finance, Accounting, & Vendor Management

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Margaret Scaglione

Worthy Grand Scribe (Board Secretary)

National Communications, Outreach, Events, Awards, Data, & Records

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Nathan Strother

Worthy Grand Inspector

National Chapter Operations & Leadership Conference

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Claudia Miraldi

Worthy Grand Lecturer 

National Chapter Expansion, Ritual, & Risk Management

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Laura Schmidt

Grand Advisor

National Special Initiatives

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National Appointees assist the Grand Council in managing the day-to-day operations of the Fraternity. 

Regional Director 1

Overseeing the Daedalus, Cossutius & Sostratus Chapters

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Caroline Bair

Regional Director 2

Overseeing the Andronicus, Callimachus, & Numisius Chapters

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Kylie Miller

Regional Director 3

Overseeing the Anthemios, Cleisthenes, & Mnesicles Chapters

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Cesar Portillo

Regional Director 4

Overseeing the Dinocrates, Hadrian, & Hippodamus Chapters

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Darius Greenleaf

Regional Director 5

Overseeing the Amenophis, Philon & Pytheos Chapters

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Garrett Brown

Regional Director 6

Overseeing the Domitian, Olynthius, & Rabirius Chapters

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Lindsey Squirewell

Regional Director 7

Overseeing the Polyidus, Seshait, & Theodorus Chapters

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Caroline McCollam

Regional Director 8

Overseeing the Demetrios, Iktinos & Isidorus Chapters

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Dan McDonnell

Regional Director 9

Overseeing the Metagenes, Severus, & Vitruvius Chapters

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Maggie Kleinman

Regional Director 10

Overseeing the Skopas & Senenmut Chapters

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Melissa Holder

Regional Director 11

Overseeing the Agamedes, Apollodorus, & Nicon Chapters

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Abigail Crock

Colony Director

Colony Support

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Nathan Lipson

Expansion Director

National Chapter Expansion Outreach

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Rick Fryer

Vendor Coordinator

Member Badge & Certificate Order Management

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Danielle Swanson


National Archive Management

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Emma Lynn

Convention Director

National Convention Planner & Fraternity Event Support

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Joshua Naputi

Leadership Conference Coordinator

National Student Leadership Conference Planner & Fraternity Event Support

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